RIP Mario Cuomo

It was Saturday, November 2, 1991. We were still busy with city elections, but it was time for the state Democratic convention. I remember being there, but I don’t remember a whole lot about the day. I guess that’s why I want to write things down this year. The vast majority of convention attendees – or Democrats in general – were undecided about the upcoming party primaries. I wasn’t among them, not really. I wore a pin that I made myself that said “I’m not undecided, I’m just waiting – Mario Cuomo ’92.” There were a lot of speeches that day by candidates already declared. My guy wasn’t among them. He would have made an amazing president, someone who cared so deeply, who believed in the power of all people, individually and collectively, to make a difference, who I think would have brought all Americans together.

I don’t recall at what point he made up his mind, but once he did, I went with my second choice, a governor of a state that couldn’t have been more different from Cuomo’s New York. I played a small part in the campaign that season that gave us President Bill Clinton. It’s interesting to think about what might have been.

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Blasts from three pasts

The weirdest thing happened today – I was driving around and I happened upon:

  1. the apartment where I lived in 2000
  2. the FedEx terminal I had to go to in 1995 to pick up the offer letter from the company I still work for

And when I got home, I was doing a Boston Globe crossword puzzle, which reminded me of college, some thirty years ago, when a bunch of us used to do that puzzle every day.

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Tap tap tap

Anybody there?

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